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 Meet Marci Narum

A coach for personal and professional growth.

If you’re feeling stuck, unfulfilled, restless, dissatisfied, or limited in your potential—I can help.

Let me guide you or your team to greater success. I will be a supportive partner and positive voice as you uncover your natural talents and leverage them to be a stronger leader, more productive team member, or simply enjoy more success in work and life.

​As we work together, I will help you clarify your purpose, goals, values and obstacles in a safe, confidential space, without fear of judgment.

As a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, I help individuals and teams discover and understand their talents, how they relate to the strengths of others, and how to intentionally use them in their personal and professional lives to be more productive, successful and happy.

I am a certified member of the John Maxwell Team, an internationally-recognized expert in leadership. Whether you desire leadership excellence in yourself or your team, applying the principles, practices and philosophies of John Maxwell will help you achieve this.

I work with men and women of all backgrounds, and with companies of all shapes and sizes. Let me help you gain clarity and focus to achieve your goals, discover and build on your strengths, overcome fear and doubt that may be holding you back, develop a stronger team…and live with confidence.


Media Relations Consulting

The Power of the media is HUGE.

I can help you develop great relationships with the media, teach you how to pitch a news story, get air time and more.


Bring Marci to Your Next Event.

Looking for a keynote speaker or MC to inspire, uplift, or entertain your audience? Contact me for more information including availability, detailed speaking topics, fees and more.

Seminars &
Mastermind groups

Seminars & Mastermind groups

My seminars and Mastermind groups are based on the internationally-known leadership expert, John C. Maxwell, and on Gallup's Strengths-based Development.

1-ON-1 and team COACHING

If you are seeking personal or
professional growth


I can help you establish your goals, tap into your strengths, keep you accountable and guide you greater potential.

Or book a free 30 min consultation here >>

"Why would I need a coach?"


Roadblocks and challenges
can happen. Getting through them alone is frustrating, and you may be tempted to give up. A coach can help
you through to the finish line.


Confused about where
to start or what to do to achieve your goal?
The StrengthsFinder Assessment is a great place to start. Ask me about it!


I can help you create a
personalized plan to complete
your actions and maintain
progress toward your goals. I will be you accountability partner, positive voice and encourager through it all.


Get tips to improve
momentum and reach your
goals faster. You will enjoy quicker results reaching your desired outcome by working in partnership with a coach.

You’re in GREAT company

The companies and people you trust, trust me.

“...Engaging, excellent, impactful!...”

Marci Narum was our keynote speaker at a JOY International Breakfast in Bismarck, ND. Speaking to our audience of 500 women, she inspired and enriched us through personal stories, humor, and spiritual application. We appreciated her professionalism in paying attention to our requests and developing her talk around our event theme. I highly recommend her as an excellent speaker.

Fran Dwelle, Executive Director, JOY International

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Get the most important email of the month!

Once a week, we’ll send you the latest & greatest to help you gain clarity and focus to achieve your goals and live with confidence.